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  • SCDE

    SCDE $55 Million to SC Schools

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  • I Love Education Contest

    Enter to WIn!

    Suggested themes for the submissions are success stories in public schools, equity in education and the future of public education. Contestants are invited to capture an inspirational moment and submit it for the chance to win up to $1,000. 

    We are inviting students, teachers, administrators, parents and anyone with a stake in education to enter. Submissions should impress the judges with why you're proud to love public education. And, you don't have to be an experienced photographer to enter. 

    Our contest is part of a national initiative to support the outstanding work being done by AASA members, their school districts and the schools in their respective communities. This campaign provides a platform to illustrate the value of public education and the impact it's having on our nation's youth—our leaders of tomorrow

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  • McCormick chosen to showcase for AdvanceED

    McCormick Chosen to showcase for AdvanceED

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    CIPA Compliance


    CIPA Compliance




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  • Transcripts/Graduation Verification

    Current students who need a transcript click here

    Former students/graduates who need a transcript and 3rd Party Education Verification click here

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  •  STEAM


    What is STEAM?

    If you've heard of STEM learning, then STEAM is simply a new variation on how they're taught. STEM stands for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The A in STEAM stands for Art, and it's the inclusion of this subject that changes up how STEM subjects are taught. Using the arts means that children can learn essential skills in an entirely new and holistic way.

    Why STEAM is so important

    Traditionally in schools, each subject has been taught in a separate, contained lesson. At 1 pm you study science, and at 2 pm you're doing art. Now though, educators are moving towards a more blended education system. Rather than keeping the subjects separate, they're blended together and students study more than one subject at once.

    Why is this important? Because it shows students that the world isn't as segregated as their old lessons used to be. We use multiple facets of our learning every day, so students can now get that experience while they're still in school. It also does away with the concept of ‘unliked' or ‘hard' sessions in class. No student is going to be happy in the classroom if they're dreading their math class after lunch. If it's blended with another subject that they do enjoy, they won't even notice that they're dealing with complex notions in math at all. What's also worth remembering is that STEAM is a great way of getting girls into typically male dominated subjects. It's easier for many girls to be introduced to a concept such as coding if it's mixed in with another subject or activity. Finally, STEAM means that students strengthen their critical thinking skills.

    How STEAM is taught in schools

    There are all kinds of ways that STEAM can be taught in schools. The only limits are really the educators' and the students' imaginations. Here are a few examples to show you how it can be done:

    – To teach art to reluctant engineering students, you can ask them to sketch out a plan or idea, using certain images. It's a way of expressing their ideas without using the coding or language they're familiar with.

    – Coding can be taught as part of a video creation project, where students create videos and then need to edit and publish them themselves.

    – You can mix languages and any subject together with ease. For example, children can be asked to try explaining an experiment in French.

    As you can see, there are all kinds of ways that STEAM can be implemented in the classroom. They key is to allow children to use their imagination, and encourage them to look at a situation from a different angle. STEAM is one of the best ways to prepare students for the world ahead of them. It teaches critical thinking skills and encourages curiosity. There's no better way to keep students engaged.


    WHAT our kids are doing with STEAM