Act 155/Act 207 McCormick School District Application

ACT 155/ ACT 207 McCormick School District Diploma Application
Through the passage of Act 155 (now Act 207), the South Carolina General Assembly approved the removal of the exit exam as a requirement for graduation beginning with the graduating class of 2015. The elimination of the exit exam (BSAP, HSAP) requirement is retroactive to the graduating class of 1990.     Application for a diploma through ACT 155(207)
The form may also be printed and mailed to:
McCormick County School District
821 North Mine Street McCormick, SC 29835
You may also fill out a form online Click Here for Form 
Once the application is received and the information verified, the school board of trustees must approve the names presented at their monthly scheduled meeting.  The names are then submitted to the State Department of Education for approval and printing. This process takes approximately six (6) weeks from board meeting to receipt of diplomas.