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Rising 6th graders Q & A


Ge‚Äčaring up for Middle School Frequently Asked Questions Q:Will PE students have to dress out?

A:PE students will be required to dress out for PE.

Q: What types of activities will students be participating in?
A:They will be participating in a wide range of sports including a Fitnessgram.

Q: How will students be assessed in PE?
A:Dressing out, participating, written tests, health quizzes and the 1 mile walk/jog test

Q:How will my child keep his/her items secure in gym?
A:They will be able to use a small locker to keep valuables in during class.

Q: How can I be sure my child has appropriate clothing for PE?
A:They need to make sure that they keep up with their PE uniforms and wash them often.

Q: When can my child participate in sports?
A:Students have to be in at least the 7th grade before they are allowed to participate in middle school and varsity sports.

Q: How many classes will my child have per day?
A: Students will have Homeroom, Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and 2 Elective classes (i.e. Band, PE, Computer Applications, Art)

Q: What type of technology will my student have access to?
A: Students will use Lenovo Chromebooks in all core classes which includes google apps for education (google docs, drive, spreadsheet, and email)

Q:Can my student take the device home?
A: No, students will have access to the device at school, but the apps can be used on any device with an internet connection.

Q: Does my child have an email address?
A: Yes, all students have a district email account.

Q: Where can I find the supply list for my child’s classes? A: The list will be on the District website

Q: Will we have to wear I.D’s
A: Yes. An ID will be provided for each student. Students leave their ID with their last period teacher who gives the ID to their first period teacher for the next day. If a student wears the ID home, he/she is responsible for bringing it back to school the next day.

Q: Can students have book bags, including the roll­away kind?
A: Yes, students can carry book bags. The type with wheels that roll are allowable.

Q: Can students have electronic devices?
A: MMS follows the district policy on electronic devices. Phones and other devices should be OFF and out of sight at all times during the school’s instructional day.