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Darlene Langley

The MES 2019-2020 School Year is well underway, and it has been a while since I have shared any information about myself, so I thought I would share a little about some of my loved ones and fur babies...

I live near the Saluda River entry to Lake Murray in Newberry County, South Carolina, and after living in towns and cities for most of my life, living " in the sticks" has brought about new experiences for me.

When I moved into my mobile home, little did I know that within a week or two I would be feeding two feral cats in addition to my fur baby, Sugar. Not only did I feed the cats, but soon raccoons and an opossum or two came to have supper with me! The opossums were no problem, but the raccoons were a pain! They stole the food I had out for the cats, containers and all. A battle between the raccoons and me began. I tried bungee cording the containers to the table, I bought a 5 gallon bucket with a top (that I even had trouble getting off), and finally a 5 gallon galvanized bucket with a locking top! This was war!!! I was determined that the raccoon was not going to win this battle... now that invincible locking galvanized can sits inside my front door...  Raccoons 10, Miss Langley 0!

I no longer feed two wild cats, I feed 7! My two cats became Mamas this Spring. I also feed a variety of skunks, from the classic black and white to the exotic silverback. I have learned that the skunks we see on TV do not represent the gentle nature of the skunks in my neighborhood! They will not spray you as soon as they see you, and in fact they would rather retreat than spray in most cases, because it takes 10 days to recharge their "batteries".  They are gentle creatures with sweet voices, and as long as you are calm and let them know you are coming by talking with them, they will allow you to pass by safely.