McCormick County School District

Moving at The Speed of Learning

The REAL Academy
Director: John Greene
Teacher: Wanda Harrison
Teacher: RC Holloway 
Teacher Assistant: Patricia Ferdinand 

The mission of the REAL ACADEMY is to empower students to develop academic and behavioral skills to compete in a global society.

 Program Description

The REAL Academy is, in most cases, a short-term intervention meant to change the attitude, behavior, grades, and/or attendance of the student being placed in the program.  The student’s grades, attendance, and behavior will be closely monitored by the teachers and staff.  The student is expected to make significant improvement to earn acceptance back into their school of origin.  If not, then additional action may be taken by MCSD administrative personnel.



McCormick County School District believes that remaining in school, but with an alternative placement, is in the best interest of your child. Therefore, your student has been afforded the opportunity to attend the REAL Academy at McCormick High School.  Students assigned here are provided the opportunity to make changes in behavior and attitude through relevant education and learning with the goal of earning readmission to their respective schools.  

It is our desire, in REAL Academy, to impress upon our students the importance of making good choices and the value of their education. Consequently, we are here to support and motivate our students toward success in school and in their future endeavors.