McCormick County School District

Moving at The Speed of Learning

Title/Program Area Contact Person Phone Email
Superintendent Don D. Doggett 864-852-2435
Director of Human Resources Wanda Anderson 864-852-0634
Student Support Services Mary Greene Thomasson 864-852-2435 ext 225
Comprehensive Health/Emergency Plans Mary Greene Thomasson 864-852-2435
Title 1/Textbooks Mary Greene Thomasson 864-852-2435 ext 225
Strategic Planning/AdvancED/School Renewal Dr. Tami Burton Mary Greene Thomasson 864-852-2435
Support for: nurses, guidance counselors, media specialists Mary Greene Thomasson 864-852-2435 ext 225
Director of Finance Jackie Brown 864-852-0635
Benefits Coordinator Wanda Anderson 864-852-0634
Family Medical Leave Wanda Anderson 864-852-0634
Worker's Compensation Wanda Anderson 864-852-2435 ext. 236
Accounts Payable/Receptionist Denesha Morgan 864-852-2435 ext. 227
Transcripts/Registrar Jackie Brown 864-852-2435 ext. 237
Transportation Back-up Jackie Brown 864-852-0635
Maintenance/Food Service Geraldine Morris 864-852-2435 ext. 233
Transportation Geraldine Morris 864-852-2435 ext. 233
Adult Education John Greene 864-443-0051
Child Care Program Pamela Turman 864-852-6005
Early Start Pamela Turman 864-852-6006
McCormick Elementary School Nynita Paul, Principal 864-443-2292
McCormick Middle School Gena Wideman Principal 864-443-2243
McCormick High School Steve English, Principal 864-443-0040
Athletic Director Gena Wideman 864-443-0075
Administrative Assistant Toni Aye 864-852-0632
Front Desk Monica Jenkins 864-852-2435
Communications/Public Relations Kevin A. Rasberry 864-852-2435
Director of Technology William P. James 864-852-0460