Title/Program Area Contact Person Phone Email
Interim Superintendent Betty Bagley 864-852-2435 bbagley@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Director of Human Resources 864-852-0634
Student Support Services
Comprehensive Health/Emergency Plans
Early Learning & Elementary Coordinator, Gifted & Talented Dr. Tami Burton 864-852-2435 burtont@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Strategic Planning/AdvancED/School Renewal 864-852-2435
Director of Finance 864-852-2435
Benefits Coordinator 864-852-0634
Worker's Compensation 864-852-0634
Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator Denesha Morgan 864-852-0633 morgand@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Maintenance/Food Service Geraldine Morris 864-852-0636 morrisg@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Transportation Geraldine Morris 864-852-0636 morrisg@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Child Care Program Pamela Turman 864-852-6005 turmanp@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Early Start Pamela Turman 864-852-6006 turmanp@mccormick.k12.sc.us
McCormick Elementary School Nynita Paul, Principal 864-443-2292 pauln@mccormick.k12.sc.us
McCormick Middle School Gena Wideman Principal 864-443-2243 widemang@mccormick.k12.sc.us
McCormick High School Steve English, Principal 864-443-0040 englishj@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Rico Salliewhite 864-443-0075 salliewhiter@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Receptionist -District Office Monica Jenkins 864-852-2435 jenkinsm@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Coordinator of Federal and Special Projects, Title I and Title II Dr. Suzanne Larsen 864-852-0639 larsens@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Director of Technology Vacant
Testing and Accountability 864 852-2435
Human Resource Assistant Lina Bell 864-852-0632 lbell@mccormick.k12.sc.us