After School Program

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    What is the McCormick 21st Century Community Learning Center Program?  

    Purpose: Provide extended learning programming that will meet the individual needs of students and their family members to improve daily attendance, educational opportunities, and enhance employability soft- skills. 


    1. Open the schools during after school hours to offer tutoring, mentoring and homework assistance to advance academic achievement

    2. Give youth and community members enriched learning opportunities in a safe, healthy, and drug– free environment.

    3. Collaborate with adult education, family literacy, and soft skills job training to participants as well as home– based or expelled students and their parents or guardians at satellite locations.

    Contact Jean Freeman 

    What types of programs are being offered after-school?


    Includes academic and enrichment programs to enhance and extend students classroom learning such as: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tutoring, computer classes, Library time,  student emotional support,   student leadership etc.

    Includes recreational and art related activities

    Fostering healthy lifestyles such as music, arts & crafts,

    Program Times   3:15pm - 6:00pm

     Family/ Community

    Includes programs for the families and community such as Adult Education for students desiring a diploma or GED. Mental Health counseling provided by Beckman Mental Health.

    How can parents, community agencies, or volunteers become involved?

    There will be an advisory board composed of teachers, students, parents, business and community leaders. This advisory board will assist in the data– driven decision making for programming.

    If you are interested in getting involved in the programs or participating on the advisory board, please contact the school and ask for the 21st Century Program Director Jean Freeman.

    McCormick Elementary School 443-2292

    Karman Wideman- Secretary

    McCormick Middle School 443-2243

    Ms. Jean Freeman- Secretary

    McCormick High School 443-0041

    Mrs. Flora Belton- Secretary

    Why is an after school program important? 


    During the after-school hours, juvenile crime is highest. After-school programs provide youth with an opportunity to pursue their interests in a safe and drug-free environment,

    Learning is Fun

    Students’ participation in an afterschool program has been shown to improve academic achievement. Students are afforded  
    After-school programs help children succeed in schools through better grades and attendance. Families benefit from the development of relationships and taking a shared learning perspective. And, communities are strengthened through collaboration between