Mr. Wilson in Lab    
          McCormick High School's Building Construction Technology (BCT) courses offer many career building skills to students. Students are instructed in all areas from site layout to installing roof materials and everything in between. BCT is made up of four different classes;  
    • Introduction to BCT is a nine week, one block course which covers the basics such as construction math and measurement, basic safety, basic blueprinting and framing. Students also build and assemble several small projects in the lab. Intro is a prerequisite to the BCT I course. 
    • Electricity I is a one semester, one block course which instructs students in the basics of electrical theory, Ohm's Law, electrical safety, the National Electrical Code and many other areas of the trade. Students perform hands-on wiring tasks from the fuse panel to all of the various components of electrical circuitry. 
    • BCT I is a full year, one block course which instructs students in advanced areas of the construction trades. Site layout, advanced blueprinting and basic framing are emphasized in BCT I. Students also receive instruction in basic plumbing, wiring and advanced safety, as well as introductions to roof framing, door and window installation and exterior siding materials. Students are required to master basic hands-on tasks involved in the building trades. BCT I is a prerequisite to BCT II. 
    • BCT II is a full year, one block course which instructs students in all of the advanced areas of the trades. Students are involved in the design and drafting of an actual house that both BCT I & II classes build here on campus. The BCT II student must be equipped with the essential skills required to perform the tasks that are involved with building a house. Students receive instruction in OSHA and are awarded a 10 hour OSHA card upon successful completion of the module. Students are also instructed in various modules required for certification with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Once the students successfully complete the BCT II course along with the OSHA and NCCER modules, he or she will then be very employable in the building trades.