• Hello!
    My name is Michael Johnson and I teach mathematics at McCormick High School.  Although I have lived in a variety of communities, I consider myself a native of Sumter, SC.  I attended public schools in Sumter from 1968 until graduation from Sumter High School in 1978.  I received a BS in Business Administration from The Citadel in 1982 and returned to Sumter to work in a family business.  In 1997, I decided that I wanted to become a teacher and in 1999 graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Master's in Arts in Teaching Mathematics.  I began my teaching career at Alice Drive Middle School in 1999 and moved to Sumter High School in 2005 where I taught until moving to McCormick in 2012.
    Although I have strong ties to Sumter, I also am connected to McCormick as I spent many weeks during my youth at my uncle's lake house on Clark Hill.  My wife and I decided to build in McCormick and from 2000 until 2004 worked to complete our present home.  My wife was able to move here in 2011 and I followed in 2012.  
    I am a strong advocate of education.  I firmly believe that the student who is educated is the student who has the tools for success.  That is my driving force in what I do. Whatever thoughts I have, whatever actions I take, whatever words I say are all directed towards student success.  I believe that in today's technical society, those students who are mathematically proficient are those students who will succeed!  
    I am also an advocate of family involvement for a student's success.  It is imperative that parents and students, with the help of teachers work towards a sound educational background.  This alliance can only bring success and I believe that the future is bright for all of our students!
    With that, welcome to my website!  I look forward meeting and working with you!