McCormick High School

Achieving Excellence

Dr. V.A. Williams Hello!
My name is Dr. Velma Alicia Williams. Many of you will still call me "Dr. Butler"... But I recently got married to John Williams. He is a Behavior Interventionist at a local school district, as well as a Head Elder. Together we have four wonderful sons: Paul, John David and Joshua. I have been your School Guidance Counselor since February and can truly say... This is a wonderful place to be! In addition to counseling, I am also a writer, editor and motivational speaker.

Reared in Trenton, SC and educated in the Edgefield County Public School system, anything that had to do with a book was what captured my spirit in those days. My mother taught at the local elementary school and my father owned a neighborhood grocery store. Education was first on the minds of everyone who was a part of this family. Books were my friends and took me beyond the walls that encased them.

After graduating from StromThurmond High School in 1982, I attended USC-Aiken for my first year of college. I graduated in August 1987 with a B.A. in English/ Writing. During the year that I attempted to “find myself”, my mother suggested that I “find myself a job”. In 1988, I moved to the Augustaarea and interviewed for a position at a local high school. I never realized that this “Job” would eventually become my career of choice—some might even say it’s my “calling”. In addition to having a B.A. from USC, I also have obtained a M.Ed. in School Guidance Counseling and Ed.S./C.A.G.S. in Educational Administration from Cambridge College as well as several certificates through the University of Georgia and Coastal Carolina University. In 2013, I completed my Doctorate in Educational Administration from Argosy University.
 The following are several lessons that I have learned over the years:

LESSON LEARNED: PERSEVERANCE, TENACITY EQUALS SUCCESS... I only quit long enough to study my game-plan!

LESSON LEARNED: TEACH STUDENTS HOW THEY LEARN AND WHAT WE KNOW, BUT NOT ALWAYS HOW WE LEARNED IT... Since all of us teach somebody something at sometime... I'm glad I learned this lesson!
This aforementioned life lesson will repeat in the working world as... ATTENDANCE + BEHAVIOR+ CHARACTER = DIVIDENDS(Money)! Ha ha!
My values have been shaped by my experiences. There is a need for vocal child advocates at all levels. At this time, this is the level I'm on...I want to spread the word that we must LOOK BEYOND THEIR FAULTS AND SEE THEIR NEEDS. My goal is to help others become educationally equipped to deal with all aspects of life. Guiding our children means that I am equipping them for the "World of Work". I will always have mission in my footsteps and a song in my heart! I strive daily to become the very "reflection" of Character to children young and old!