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Verizon Hotspot Support

State-provided Verizon hotspots have been issued to qualifying households, for use in virtual education during the COVID-19 pandemic. These devices will be available through the end of the 20-21 school year.
Begin Using Your Hotspot:
1. Open the box, and remove the protective film from the screen. The battery has already been installed.
2. Plug in the hotspot to a power outlet, using the charging cable and adapter provided.
3. Power on the hotspot, by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.
 Your hotspot may restart upon powering on, if an update is required. If this happens, let it run through the update.
 The LCD screen may dim or go off to conserve battery life, but the hotspot will remain operational.
On Your Chromebook:
1. Click in the lower right corner of the screen, on the set of icons near the time display.
2. Click the Settings (gear) icon. Under Network > Wi-Fi , click the small arrow (on right side), to see a list of available networks.
3. Choose the “SCDistanceLearning” network, and enter the password SCStudent1.
4. Your Chromebook should automatically connect and send you to Google.
** For further assistance, call Verizon customer service: 1 (800) 922-0204 **
Verizon call-in instructions:
1. When the automated system asks for a phone number, enter 843-653-0161 to ensure proper routing.
2. If asked for an account password or PIN, press 0 and then #. (You may have to perform this action multiple times).
3. Once connected with a specialist, provide them with the IMEI # of your device, located on the “Property of McCormick” sticker and printed below the bar code.
 Only MCSD school-issued devices are permitted to connect to the hotspot.
 Remember to charge your hotspot regularly. The battery life shows at the top right of the screen.