Substitute Information

To become a substitute in McCormick County School District, you must first complete a Substitute Application in AppliTrack. Proof of education (Diploma/GED) and/or Teaching Certificat should be included with your AppliTrack application.

As additional subs are needed: applications are reviewed, candidates are selected, mandatory SLED and Sex Offender checks are completed, and references are checked. Next, the results of a tuberculin (TB) test completed within 364 days, along with a copy of your driver’s license, and social security card must be submitted before hire.

If selected to sub, you will be notified by phone. When you are called to work your first day as a substitute, please contact Lina Bell at 864-852-2435 to schedule an appointment to complete employment paperwork. This needs to be done your first day as a substitute.


McCormick County School District Substitute Pay Scale

The following table shows the proposed daily rate for the substitute teachers in McCormick County School District.


                                                     ROUTINE SUBSTITUTION

Substitutes WITHOUT a SC Valid Teacher Certificate                          $65/Day

Substitutes WITH a Valid SC Teacher Certificate                                  $85/Day




Substitutes WITHOUT a valid SC Teacher Certificate                             $100/Day

Substitutes WITH a valid SC Teacher Certification                                 $125/Day

Long term rate will begin on the 22nd consecutive day in the same position

                                          *Copy of Teaching Certificate Required



  1. All substitutes must have on file an application and current tuberculin skin test.
  2. CDEPP substitutes must meet established DSS guidelines and be CPR certified.


As of January 1, 2022, Once Long-term status(LTS) has been established, the substitute’s pay does NOT decrease back to the Routine Substitute pay if the employee is absent. The LTS is simply not paid for absences. However, if an employee under LTS is absent more than three consecutive days without a documented doctor’s excuse, the substitute’s pay rate will decrease to Routine Substitute pay status until an additional 22 consecutive days is reached.


Certified and non-certified sub pay is based on ¼ day increments.*

¼ day - sub will be paid a minimum of ½ day
½ day - sub will be paid for ½ day
¾ day - sub will be paid for ¾ day (this includes early release days)
1 full day - sub will be paid for 1 full day

*Example - if you only work ¼ of a day during a regular school day, you will receive sub pay for a minimum of ½ day. If you work ¼ day for one person and ¼ day for another person during the same regular school day, you will receive sub pay for a maximum of ½ day.