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SC Teachers Loan Forgiveness
Borrowers who received an SC Teachers Loan or an SC PACE Loan may be eligible to forgive portions of your loan indebtedness by teaching in certain critical geographic and subject areas in the SC public school system. This forgiveness is available only to certified teachers and not to teacher's aides or teaching assistants and only to recipients of the SC Teachers Loan. 

  • Critical Geographic Schools - If you taught in one of these schools during a particular school year, you may be eligible for forgiveness.  Critical geographic areas are designated annually by the State Board of Education. It is the recipient's responsibility to determine a school's designation prior to accepting employment. 
  • Critical Subject Areas - If you received a loan to teach one of these subjects, you may be eligible for forgiveness. 


Loan Forgiveness (SC PACE Loan Program)
Under the PACE Program, loan forgiveness is available for recipients who teach during the same year in which funding is received.