• The 2019-2020 Chieftain Concert Band Handbook

    Chieftain Pride

    The Chieftain Music Education Philosophy

    The Chieftain Concert Band program at McCormick will add to a student’s knowledge of music and give new musical experiences. The Chieftain Concert Band will take pride in performing and in the development of musicianship within each student.



    Attendance will comprise a major portion of a student’s grade. There are NO exceptions for unexcused absences or early dismissals from rehearsals or performances. Absences and early dismissals are excused ONLY if the band director receives VERBAL AND OR WRITTEN notification from the student’s guardian or guardians that the absence or early dismissal is due to some type of extreme emergency allowing a student to be unable to be present OR a doctor’s note if the student is absent due to medical reasons. The verbal and or written notification must be given NO LATER THAN THE FOLLOWING DAY OF THE ABSENCE OR EARLY DISMISSAL. ALL WRITTEN NOTIFICATIONS WILL BE FOLLOWED UP BY A PHONE CALL TO ENSURE THE VALIDITY OF THE WRITTEN NOTE THAT IS GIVEN. Students will receive a grade of 60 PERCENT FOR EACH unexcused absence or early dismissal that is not followed up by a verbal or written notification. A grade of a 60 is valid for each absence or early dismissal from any type of rehearsal scheduled outside of school hours and for any type of performance featuring the concert band.

    Grading Scale

    1.   Minor Grades (Playing and or Written Tests, Quizzes, Rehearsals, and Performances): 60%

    2.   Major Grades (Pop Quizzes and Playing Tests and Written Classwork): 40%


    Description of Performing Ensembles

    McCormick Marching Chiefs

    "The Best Band in the Land!"

    The McCormick Marching Chiefs is the ensemble in the instrumental music program here at McCormick that performs at all football games and most but not all performances rendered outside of school. Entry into this ensemble is through special invite by the band director. During the beginning of the first semester, students in this ensemble comprise The Marching Chiefs. Students must be in at least 7th grade to be a member of the Marching Chiefs UNLESS PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED BY MR. WILSON FOR ANYONE BELOW 7TH GRADE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE MARCHING CHIEFS!

     Concert Band
    The Concert Band Performing for the McCormick MLK Program!
    The Concert Band at McCormick is comprised of students who are not enrolled in the Marching Band, but wish to learn how to play a musical instrument and learn about music. The Concert Band performs MAINLY symphonic literature, but can also perform other genres of music. The concert band holds a concert towards the end of the first semester and also towards the end of the second semester. Concert band students will also participate in the annual South Carolina Concert Festival that is also held in the spring. Students in this ensemble learn basic and intermediate music theory in order to develop overall musicianship.


    Chieftain Pep Band

    The Chieftain Pep Band Performing at a Home Basketball Game!

    The Chieftain Pep Band performs at all regular season home basketball games. This ensemble is mainly comprised of students that are members of the Marching Chiefs. Students that are not members of the Marching Chiefs may join this ensemble only through special invite by the band director. Entry into this ensemble depends on student behavior, music reading and playing ability and their overall grade in band class. Students must also be in at least 7th grade to become a member of the Chieftain Pep Band UNLESS PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED BY MR. WILSON FOR ANYONE BELOW 7TH GRADE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CHIEFTAIN PEP BAND!


     Student Expectations

    1.   To be in your correct seat with all materials at the beginning of class and or rehearsal time.

    2.   To maintain proper use of Personal and or School Owned Instruments and Equipment.

    3.   To behave and give respect to all adults and students.

    4.   To follow directions given by all adults.

    5.   To keep up with personal items such as but not limited to music, music notebooks, instruments, drumsticks, and mallets. (This includes ANY personal items that may be brought to rehearsals and performances. Ex. Pocketbooks, car keys, iPods, cellphones, headphones, etc. Students will be able to leave their personal items in the band room which will be locked when not in use; however it is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their personal belongings when at rehearsals and performances.)

    6.   To wear the required clothing and colors for performances. (See below)

    7.   To show consistency in music performance. (All students should be able to perform a majority of their concert band music with ease if time is spent practicing outside of the classroom. Students that consistently are unable to perform music will be considered for being removed from concert band.)

    8.   To maintain the band room prior to and after class, rehearsals, and performances in SILENCE. This means to take pride in our home. It includes but is not limited to cleaning the band room, placing instruments, and equipment in its proper designated area. This also includes the handle and care of school property.

    (Not meeting this expectation will cause students to stay in the band room longer than needed after class, scheduled rehearsals, and performances in order to clean up the band room and return items to their correct place!)


    9.   To consume food and beverages outside of the band room.

    10.                     To refrain from cell phone usage during class.


    (If these expectations are not met, the student will not participate in class for that given day and the student’s parents will be notified. Cell phones will also be taken if they are visible during class time.)


    South Carolina Honor Band and Solo & Ensemble Opportunities

    Both South Carolina Honor Band and Solo & Ensemble are two entities that give talented musicians the opportunity to showcase their musical ability and represent their school among other schools in South Carolina. Any student has the opportunity to participate in Honor Band or Solo & Ensemble. Students who are interested must audition their piece or pieces with the band director. If the student passes the audition, they have the band director’s approval to audition for Honor Band or Solo & Ensemble. If the student does not pass the audition, they cannot participate in auditions for Honor Band or Solo & Ensemble.


    South Carolina Concert Festival

    The Concert Band will participate in an annual event called the South Carolina Concert Festival where schools perform concert literature and receive a rating based on how well they perform. ONLY SELECT CONCERT BAND STUDENTS WILL BE CHOSEN TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT, BUT ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE BASED ON MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS NEEDED! Requirements for entrance into the Concert Festival group are exceptional behavior, advanced playing ability, and superior music reading and sight reading skills.


    Performance Dress 

    Male students are asked to wear black dress pants with a white dress shirt and a solid black tie. Black dress socks and dress shoes are also required for males. Females are asked to wear black pants along with black shoes and black socks if necessary and a white blouse that covers all of the upper body. Females can wear skirts or dresses ONLY if it covers the knee while seated. If a skirt or dress does not cover the knee while a female is seated then the skirt or dress cannot be worn for the performance.  IF STUDENTS DO NOT FOLLOW THE GIVEN DRESS CODE FOR PERFORMANCES, THEY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PERFORM AND WILL ALSO RECEIVE A GRADE OF 60!


    Audition (Challenge) Policy

    Students who wish to challenge for a better seat within concert band only have the ability to move up one seat from where they are currently placed. The student who wishes to challenge must do so by first notifying the band director. The band director will then notify the student who is being challenged and will give both students the music they need in order to challenge each other. Both students will have a week to prepare for the performance. After the performance, the decision will be made.  Students can only request to challenge ONCE!!