• McCormick High School Emergency Action Plan- Basketball Gymnasium

    McCormick High School has a written emergency plan that should be followed in the event of a medical emergency. All coaches should be familiar with this document and their role and responsibility in an emergency. Any questions should be directed to the Athletic Director, (in the absence of a licensed athletic trainer or school nurse). In case of an Emergency, contact the Athletic Director; if unavailable, contact the middle or high school principal and then dial 911 if necessary.

    Emergency Contact:

    Rico Salliewhite, AD – 864-923-6902 Monica Kelly Nurse – 864-993- 2471 Steve English Principal- 803-226-6216 Gena Wideman Principal-864-993-2481 Dial 911

    Address: 6981 Hwy 28 South McCormick, SC 29835

    An emergency is the need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to give further medical attention and/or transport an athlete to the hospital. It is important in these situations that coordination between the athletic director, school nurse, coaches, administrators and student responders be effective. This guide is intended to specify roles and outline the protocol to be followed should an emergency occur. Situations when 911 should be called are:

    ➢ an athlete has lost consciousness
    ➢ it is suspected that an athlete may have a neck or back injury
    ➢ an athlete has an open fracture (bone has punctured through the skin) ➢ an athlete is in cardiac distress
    ➢ severe heat exhaustion or suspected heat stroke
    ➢ severe bleeding that cannot be stopped
    ➢ an athlete is not breathing


    Athletic Director
    Head Coach
    Assistant Coach
    Sports Medicine Student Assistant Other Athletes

    The highest person in the chain of command who is present at a scene will be the designated person in charge, or leader. That person is responsible for deciding whether or not to call 911, instructing others how they may be of help, and will be the person who stays with the athlete until EMS arrives.
    Once it has been decided that EMS should be called, the following protocol should be followed:


    1. Thehighestpersononthechainofcommandwillbetheleader,andwillstaywith
    the athlete to monitor the athlete’s condition and administer necessary first aid. If possible, someone else on the chain of command should also stay and assist. The

    front office or an administrator should be notified that there is an emergency situation

    on campus.

    1. The highest person on the chain of command will make the call to EMS or will

      designate another person to make the call. EMS should be told what the emergency is, the condition of the athlete, and how to get to where the athlete is (See Below for Directions). Also, tell EMS that someone will meet them at the closest intersection to aid in directing the ambulance

    2. The leader will send runners to all intersections between where the athlete is located and the front of the Gymnasium to direct the ambulance to the athlete. The runners should stay in their positions and wave the ambulance through the proper turns to get to the athlete.

    3. The leader will designate another person to attempt contact with the athlete’s parents.

    4. IftransportisdeemednecessarybyEMS,theathletewillbetakentoGreenwoodSelf Regional Healthcare Address: 1325 Spring St, Greenwood SC, 29646 Phone#: 864-725- 4111.


    Emergency Equipment and Location:

    Crutches – Athletic Training Room
    CPR Masks – On AED and athletic training room
    AED – Football Press-box.
    First Aid Materials – In all kits on sideline or Training Room

    AED ON McCormick County School District Complex

    Coach Salliewhite’s Office Coach Hughes’ Office

    STORM & SAFETY LOCATION: In the event of lightening or severe thunderstorm warnings, move all teams/coaches/officials from the basketball court to the locker rooms and fans will remain in the bleachers. All Coaches will evacuate to the Locker Rooms to Monitor Athletes and will take role. In the event of a campus lockdown due to criminal activity, all athletes are to report to their locker rooms and doors will be locked; all doors to the gym will be locked by coaches and SRO until the all clear signal is given by campus security or another official.

    Entrance to the back of the McCormick County School District Complex and through the gate beside

    the baseball into the football stadium.