• Important Information About Electronic Devices At School
    Cellular phone and paging device ownership by adolescents has proliferated over the past years. These devices are used for various reasons, including emergency use and parental communication. To reflect the societal trend and changing state law, the district will allow the possession of paging devices, including cellular telephones, by students only under the following circumstances.

    Cellular telephones and paging devices are not to be used or visible in the school building during the regular, academic school day. Cellular telephones and paging devices are allowed after school during extra-curricular activities and on school buses transporting students to and from extracurricular activities.

    The school principal reserves the right to further limit and/or confiscate these devices if the use of these devices is causing a disruption to the school.

    The district will make an exception to these rules when the student needs the paging device at school for a legitimate, documented medical reason. However, before a student may have a paging device at school, the principal must have written, approved evidence on file of the student's medical need for the device. The principal of each school will decide what constitutes a legitimate medical reason consistent with any guidelines established by the board and/or by the state department of education.

    A student who is 18 years old and wishes to participate as a member of a volunteer firefighting organization or emergency service organization may be authorized to carry a paging device with special permission from the school principal. If permission is granted for this purpose, the student must file with the principal a letter of special request from the volunteer organization of which he/she is a member and special arrangements must be made with the principal to ensure that his/her release from school when called for an emergency will not disrupt classes or conflict with the school's policies for student release from school.

    A person who finds a student in violation of this policy must report the student to the school principal. Upon notification the principal or his/her designee will follow these procedures.
    • First offense - conference with parent/legal guardian and return of the device.
    • Second offense - one day of out-of-school suspension and retention of the device until the end of the semester.
    • Third offense - two days of out-of-school suspension and retention of the device until the end of the school year.
    Note: Although the District will take appropriate steps to safeguard all cellular telephones and paging devices that are confiscated, the District will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.