McCormick County School District

Moving at The Speed of Learning

McCormick County School District Strategic
Plan Summary for 2011-2016
Vision:      Inspiring, challenging, and preparing our students for tomorrow's global opportunities


Mission:   The Mission of the McCormick County Schools is to provide a quality education for every student.

We influence the future.
One person can make a difference.
All individuals have the ability to learn.
Education is a powerful resource to enhance the quality of life.
Every individual is entitled to a safe and secure learning environment.
Respect is essential for an effective educational environment.
Learning is a life-long process.
The community and the individual are responsible for their children.
The family is the most important unit in the life of the individual.
There is a Supreme Being.
Human Life is sacred.
Student achievement will continuously improve, as indicated by formative and summative assessment data documented in the interim Performance Goals, Data Sources, and Overall Members.
The district will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment as documented in the Interim Performance Goals, Data Sources, and Overall Measures.
The district will continuously improve teacher and administrator quality by recruiting, inducting, developing, evaluating, and retaining highly qualified teachers and administrators, documented in the Interim Performance Goals, Data Sources, and Overall Measures.