Welcome to my classes!

    I am Vicki Huffman, and I will be teaching your child 6th grade Math.

    This is my 23rd  year with McCormick County School District, and I have taught Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies to students in grades Five to Eight at various points in my career here.  I hold a B.A.  in Education, an M.Ed., and am a National Board Certified Teacher, as well.   As you can see, I have a lot of experience with young people in their early adolescent years and they are my favorite age group! 

    6th grade is a transition year, and I am here to help them make the change from elementary school to the more self-reliant middle school student they need to be to prepare for high school and beyond. 

    If you have any concerns or questions (and you will!), please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My email is huffmanv@mccormick.k12.sc.us, and of course you may call the school office to schedule a conference, as well.   You are also welcome to call me at home (before 8pm, please!) at 864-388-7920.

    6th Grade math builds on all of the skills your student learned throughout his or her elementary years. We will introduce new fractional concepts, including percents and decimals, as well as multiple operations with all fraction types.  Students will learn about ratios, probability, data analysis, and geometry, including how to find the area and volume of simple shapes.   Number skills will also be very important because we will be working with equations and inequalities.


    Pacing Guides with detailed Standards information are online at https://www.mccormick.k12.sc.us (the District Website), and are located under “Resources”. These are very exciting topics and I’m sure your student will enjoy learning them, and I know I will enjoy teaching them!

    I encourage you to read through the student handbook for school policy and procedures, dress code, etc.   I will be reviewing all of these items with your student, as well.

    It is my pleasure to be entrusted with your child for the next ten months, and I know that, working together, your child will have a very successful transition year to middle school.


    Vicki L. Huffman, B.A.; M.Ed.; NBCT