"One Vision, Many Voices" 
Focused on Learning
           Hey Chiefs, What did you learn today?
   21st Century begins September 8, 2015 
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 Congratulations to Coach Jimmy Hughes                           for 20 years of coaching! 
            Congratulations to Gina Cieri
               District Teacher of the year!
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Fast Facts:
Enrollment: 825~
Superintendent: Dr. William T. Wright Jr.
Schools: 1 Early Childhood Center, 1 Elementary, 1 middle, 1 high, 1 Alternative Education program
Afterschool program: 21st Century Learning Center 
 McCormick County School District is FOCUSed on Learning!  
United We

Belief Statements

1.        We influence the future.

2.        One person can make a difference.

3.        Excellence is worth the effort.

4.        All individuals have the ability to learn.

5.        Education is a powerful resource to enhance the quality of life.

6.        Every individual is entitled to a safe and secure learning environment.

7.        Respect is essential for an effective educational environment.

8.        Learning is a life-long process.

9.        The community and the individual are responsible to each other.

10. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children.

11. The family is the most important unit in the life of the individual.

12. There is a Supreme Being.

13. Human life is sacred.

                 School Board Goals 
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Upcoming Events

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  • 9th grade August 10, 2015 10 am-12 noon
    10/11th grade August 11, 2015 10 am-12 noon
    12th grade August 12, 2015 10 am-12 noon
    Make up August 13, 2015 10 am-12 noon
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  • McCormick Middle Open House 6th grade-August 11, 2015 9am-11am
    7/8th grade August 12, 2015 9am-11am 
     Make up day for all grades August 17, 2015 2pm-4pm.
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  • McCormick Elementary open house August 17, 2015 10-6
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  • ACT 155 McCormick School District Diploma Application
    You may print and email the form to brownj@mccormick.k12.sc.us.
    The form may also be printed and mailed to
    McCormick County School District
    821 North Mine Street McCormick, SC 29835
    Attn: Jackie Brown
    You may also fill out a form online Take Survey 
    Once the application is received and the information verified, the school board of trustees must approve the names presented at their monthly scheduled meeting.
    (2nd Monday of the Month)
    The names are then submitted to the State Department of Education for approval and printing. This process takes approximately six (6) weeks from board meeting to receipt of diplomas.
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