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"One Vision, Many Voices" 
Focused on Learning
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                                                                        Fast Facts:
                                                                  Enrollment: 815~
                                             Superintendent: Dr. Cleo Richardson, Interim
  Schools: Early Childhood Center, elementary, middle, high, Alternative Education program
                                       Afterschool program: 21st Century Learning Center 
 McCormick County School District is FOCUSed on Learning!  
United We

Belief Statements

1.        We influence the future.

2.        One person can make a difference.

3.        Excellence is worth the effort.

4.        All individuals have the ability to learn.

5.        Education is a powerful resource to enhance the quality of life.

6.        Every individual is entitled to a safe and secure learning environment.

7.        Respect is essential for an effective educational environment.

8.        Learning is a life-long process.

9.        The community and the individual are responsible to each other.

10. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children.

11. The family is the most important unit in the life of the individual.

12. There is a Supreme Being.

13. Human life is sacred.

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