McCormick County School District

Moving at The Speed of Learning

MCSD is a TAP District.
SAFE-T Formal Evaluation 
What is SAFE-T? (An overview of the SAFE-T process including its purpose and the six types of evidence collected.)
SAFE-T Guide (SDE SAFE-T Guide for teacher and evaluators, February, 2010)
SAFE-T Templates
ADEPT for Speciality Areas
Principal Evaluation - PADEPP 
Induction Teachers
Although Induction teachers are not formally evaluated, they are provided guidance and training on the ADEPT process. As an Induction teacher in MCSD, you will receive feedback from your mentor and administrative mentor utilizing the ADEPT Cumulative Record. 
Goals Based Evaluations 
Professional growth and development (PGD) plans are intended to serve as blueprints that guide educators’ ongoing learning and skill-building. Not only are professional growth and development plans considered best practice, but they also are required by state statute (S.C. Code Ann. §59-26-40) as part of the ADEPT system. 
MCSD Professional Growth Plan - GBE  (Research & Development Professional Growth and Development Plan) 
MCSD Performance Evaluation 
Employees not evaluated with one of the instruments described above will be evaluated utilizing the MCSD Performance Evaluation Instrument. This includes, but is not limited to, classified staff and district level administrators.