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Financial Transparency

To comply with Section 1.43 of Part I.B of the Appropriations Act of 2009 (Act No. 23 or 2009), McCormick County School District is posting monthly non-salary expenditures.  Act No. 23 is also referred to as School District Expenditure Transparency.  A monthly online posting of all non-salary expenditures over one hundred will be posted on this site.

Funding Information here: Funding Categories
 All expenditures are paid using an accounting system with a 16 digit account structure.  An example of this account structure is 100-112-410-0000-04. The first three digits in this account represent the Fund from which the money is being paid.  The next three are the Function or purpose for which the funds are being used.  The following set of three digits is the Object, Service or Commodity expenditure.  The next four digits are the modifier.  These allow for further details.  Last is the location. For an in-depth explanation, please visit  
Monthly Reports 2016 -2017
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 Monthly Reports 2015 -2016 
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Quarterly Reports from July 2010 to June 2015